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Mobilize Your Office For Success

2017-08-23 14:32:25 Great Furniture Read


Transitional desks, conference tables, training tables, chairs & screens mobilize your office for success by providing room for growth and change. Ever since laptops liberated the modern workforce from assigned seating and enclosed cubicles, the mobile generation has been changing the way office furniture adapts. Employees have embraced workspaces that allow them to sit, stand, roam and interact with co-workers. To mobilize your office for success, start by paying attention to these changing needs and seeking improvements that promote collaboration wherever possible.

Mobile office furnishings are an ideal way to engage employees on multiple levels. Engaged employees, who share an emotional investment in their work, are 20% more productive. Since physical comfort plays an important role in the engagement process, providing workspaces that can quickly adapt to a variety of purposes reduces stress, and offers more alternatives for collaboration or focused tasks. It might seem minor, but reinventing a restrictive space is a wonderful way to boost company culture and create positive-oriented morale.

By mixing in standing desks, turning individual desks into groups, creating an open, adaptable central workspace, and incorporating peripheral seating such as couches and technology-integrated upholstered chairs, you can make the office a more opportunistic collaborative, relaxed and comfortable environment for employees. Turning the office into a fun place to be can turn a job into a career and transform work into a destination employees actually want to attend daily.


Provide A Lounge Area: Mobile tables are ideal solutions for lounge areas because they can be quickly reconfigured to meet a variety of scenarios. These more casual areas encourage social interaction, which can lead to more creative thinking and problem-solving. Adding some additional comfortable furnishings, like cushioned chairs and sofas, to an unused corner of the office can also provide not only respite but alternative work and meeting places.

Provide Adjustable Height Desk Options: Given the option, most sitting desk users will try this out. And it might not be for everyone, but sit-stand desks open up the possibilities for change and could be just what the doctor ordered to break up a seated routine. Bar height tables integrated into your office design, perhaps alongside a window wall, can also provide an opportunity to those wanting an interval change of location or brief conversation between one or two colleagues.

Incorporate Mobile, Multipurpose Furnishings: Mobile tables and chairs can help utilize available floor space in a multitude of ways without a lot of effort. They can quickly convert from conference tables into small or large groupings. Rows of tables can be lined up for training or formed into a square for brainstorming. Dual-purpose furniture also helps to further consolidate space. Padded upholstered mobile filing cabinets can act as impromptu seating and slide back under a desk when not in use. Creative space planning makes this work effectively for any size office space.

Allow For Plenty of Multipurpose Spaces: Any size office can benefit from mobile furnishings, whether it is a rental or an expansive high-rise. Smaller office breakrooms outfitted with mobile tables and chairs can quickly become conference rooms, training centers or seminar spaces with the versatility of configurations mobile desks and chairs allow.

Keeping your team engaged is what collaboration is all about, and mobile furnishings adapt to this need very well. Versatile mobile furniture can further extend the use of any space, allowing chairs and desks to be reconfigured for any level of collaboration you need. Startups and small office spaces can benefit greatly from this kind of flexibility to accommodate a growing staff and maintain the contemporary aesthetic of a modern office.

Mobilizing your office for success is easy with the right design strategy. This is where we excel and we are happy to get you mobilized for success. 

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