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Rising To The Occasion: The Sit-Stand Desk Decision

2017-08-28 10:57:18 Great Furniture Read


Sit-Stand desks are a simple, flexible and affordable solution to improve your health while you work. Having the ability to change work state during the day is broadly empowering. Adding height adjustability to new or existing workstations has proven to be a very effective motivator.

Numerous studies have been done on the variable desk. Most workers surveyed enjoyed the freedom of a desk that allowed them to make height adjustments as needed to help relieve fatigue or meet the task at hand. Research has shown that given the option, workers adjusted the height of their work surface on average two times per day, most often once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

There is supporting scientific evidence that movement throughout the work day does affect well-being and performance. In the Sit-Stand Study conducted by WorkRite Ergonomics, volunteers were outfitted with real-time wearable cardiac monitoring devices designed to continuously capture various biometrics, including ECG, heart rate, and skin temperature. The study was conducted over a five-week period with some very revealing results:

  • 88% felt healthier throughout the day

  • Sleep quality went up

  • Back pain went down

  • 100% asked to keep the sit-stand workstation

Making the decision to purchase height adjustable desks or risers for the work surfaces in your office should be considered carefully. Since this is a big change, purchasing or leasing 3-4 options and setting them up in a dedicated area within your office will allow your employees the freedom to try them out to see how they like the change and what benefits they might gain from it. It’s not a fit for all tasks and all work styles, but those with specific needs will embrace it.

You can purchase either desktop risers or sit-stand desks with built-in height adjustability. There are advantages and caveats to each, so there are a few things to ponder from the cost and feasibliity side.

7 Things to Consider When Buying A Sit-Stand Desk vs A Riser: 

Space: Risers can be good transition options, but they take up valuable work surface and your storage needs will have to be altered. A height adjustable desk takes up the same amount of space as your old desk, and you get to keep 100% work surface.

Cost: Risers are about half the cost of a sit-stand desk, but you will loose valuable work space. Check with us because costs vary based on the functionality you need.

Size: Most standard worksurfaces are 22″ to 24″ deep. Desk risers start at 28″ to 30,” requiring a custom made work surface. Sit-Stand desks range in size from 42″w x 24″d to 80″w x 30″d.

Safety: Risers that are fixed height have been reported to wobble and sway. Risers that are height adjustable have an inherent mechanical attribute of moving up and out towards the user in an arc movement, introducing instability and distancing you from your desk. Sit-Stand desks are designed for vertical motion and offer more stability and weight bearing.

Function: Most risers have 2 options, down or up to a fixed height. Sit-Stand desks give you the ability to program variable heights, or you can manually control the up and down function with the press of a button, making your worksurface the exact height for your needs.

Durability: Sit-stand desks can lift from 150-350 lbs.

Power: Power Hubs can conveniently mount above or below the work surfaces to keep the surface clear.

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