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The Use Of Color In Office Design

2017-10-10 11:00:20 Great Furniture Read


When it comes to adding color to your office, creating a room that feels welcoming and comfortable, while finding a proper balance between functionality and professionalism both for you and for your visitors, can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking to add a bit of color to your office in hopes of turning drab into fab, the following steps will help your accomplish your design goals.

The right office color, correctly chosen and strategically placed, can invite, uplift and energize the environment. Which, in turn, can help increase productivity, boost sales, and make your office a destination. Color tells your brand story in one second. But what else can it do for your design strategy as a business? 

Here are some things to consider:

  • Appropriateness to the profession

  • Availability of space

  • How color affects the way we work

    Think about what type of mood you want your room to engender. For example, pastel colors generally create a relaxed, happy atmosphere. On the other hand, darker colors and subdued lighting produce a sense of seriousness.

    When you consider the space you will be altering, think about incorporating the ancient practice of Feng Shui to harmoniously balance the space. This will, of course, be affected by the nature of your profession. If you are lawyer, you might want a more serious feel to your office, while a pediatrician might want to softer, safer feeling atmosphere.

    Consider the dimensions of the space you will be working with and take all necessary measurements. This is especially important if you will be adding new furniture

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