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Tips to Consider When Purchasing Corporate Office Furniture

2017-11-01 11:11:13 Great Furniture Read


Buying new corporate office furniture gives you a chance to update the office, make it more functional and speak for your company’s image. It will be a long time until the new furnishings are replaced, so it’s important to carefully consider your current and future needs as you make your decisions.

Buying new corporate office furniture is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Make it manageable by considering these five tips.

Space available

You’ll need to brainstorm and plan to figure out how much furniture is needed and will fit in the space available. Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • How many associates need individual work space or private offices?

  • Do you need to provide space for group projects and meetings?

  • How much storage space is needed for files, books and other materials?

Employee needs and input

Although it sounds obvious, fully understanding the employee’s needs is often overlooked when purchasing corporate office furniture. You’ll need to know the basics.

  • How much work space will each associate need to work? For storage? Don’t forget space for storing personal items like purses or coats.

  • Do they need privacy or can the associates work in groups or clusters?

  • What do the employees recommend? They’re the ones who know their job best. Ask them what would help them be more efficient or productive.


Proper ergonomic furniture will reduce stress and strain on your associates, reduce sick days and improve morale and productivity.

Ergonomic chairs, telephone headsets and foot rests are common ergonomic pieces to consider adding to your corporate office furniture shopping list.

Corporate Mission

You’ll be using the furniture for many years to come, so be sure it reflects the type of work you do and your mission statement.

Trendy furnishings may fit your company’s work, but it will also look dated quickly.

Contemporary furniture is great for creative offices, such as advertising or video game development.

Traditional furniture suits professional businesses like legal offices.


You’ll be using this corporate office furniture for years to come. Be sure to buy the best quality you can afford. Look for warranties and support.

Buying new corporate office furniture is a big task. There’s a lot to consider as you create an environment that reflects your corporate image and values while being functional, inspirational and safe. A little forethought and planning will go a long way to ensure you’ll be happy with your purchases for years to come.

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